Government IT Compliance

Keeping your office up to date with hipaa and pci compliance 

Compliance Experts

Tri Leaf Tech’s experts are trained in HIPAA, PCI, OLCC and many more government mandated regulations. Don’t become another HIPAA statistic, let us shore up the weak links that leave your patients open to intrusion, and leave your practice outside of compliance.

Who is held to this high standard?

Healthcare providers, organizations, or facilities who store, transmit, have access to any patient informations, or have any device that can be used for information transmission, is subject to HIPAA regulations.

Patient, and Customer Protection

Ensuring proper safety precautions for patient identity, and information is the responsibility of every provider and facility.

Don't fall victim

When these safety measures are not put into place, and an intrusion happens, you can be held responsible, and the fines are hefty. So huge, it often is a practice ending event.

PCI Compliance

Here at Tri Leaf Teach we will help you put into place the proper safeguards necessary to keep your information out of intruders hands.